Friday, 2 February 2018

Steps To Follow When Pack Dishes Items During Home Shifting In Pune

There are many things that you have to consider while you are taking out #household #relocation and #packing your goods safely and appropriately is the essential part of your household move. If you are not experience in this field and we normally not, unless we are from the moving company, then its bit challenging to pack our fragile and delicate items for the #move. By seeing this today I am going to tell you the steps that you should follow when you will proceed for packing your dishes and other delicate items of your household, so shall we move.

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What you need for packing your dishes:

Before moving towards packing your dishes check you have these:

Bubble wrap:

It is specially design to #pack the delicate items from breakage during the #move. Estimate how much bubble wrap you require and then buy them accordingly.


If you want tour packing to be remain intact then you will #need good amount of high quality tap.

Packing paper:

Soft white packing paper will keep your delicate items #safe while they are on a move, it will keep them away from contacting other items in the box and act as soft wall.

Dish boxes:

 These boxes are specially design for packing your dishes. They are sturdy but little expensive than the normal moving boxes. If you couldn’t find them locally ask your #movers for such.


You can use crumbled newspaper for filling the vacant space in box, this will keep your items sturdy during the move. But keep in mind not to use ink paper in such way that can affect your items.

Old towel:

If you have old towel or cloth you can use them as cushioning material wrap your delicate items on such and keep them safe.

How to pack dishes for a move:

For individual dishes #packing:
  1. Firstly spread the packing paper or old towel on a flat surface, and place the plate on it.
  2. Now take the ends of the #packing paper or towels and tie them up form all the edges.
  3. Put some crumbled papers on the bottom of the box; keep in mind to choose the box according the number of dishes to want to put in it. Now place your dishes vertically on the box, vertically because if you put them horizontally it can break down because of the #load on the top.
  4. Repeat the same for other dishes.
  5. Finally put a protective layer on the top of them and then close the lid and tape it up securely.
  6. Take out your permanent marker and write down “handle with care, fragile”.

For packing bundles of dishes:

Individual packing provide effective safety to your dishes but though it is very time consuming we will see other alternative too, if you like then you can follow the both for very expensive dishes you can follow the above and for others you can follow bundle packing method. For bundle packing you will require some paper plates.
  1. On the flat surface lay down the packing paper and then place one dish and then one paper plat and continue the same with the 5-6 porcelain or china plates.
  2. Now grab the edges of the packing paper and then knot it up.
  3. Now use the tape to pack the bundle or you can tap the ends only, now place the bundle in the already padded box, and follow which I have told you above, place then vertically.
  4. Now provide extra protective layer on the top.
  5. If there is any vacant space in the box, fill it up with the crumbled paper.
  6. And at last don’t forget to mark your fragile box as I told you before.
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