Friday, 18 September 2020

Changes Coronavirus Will Bring In Hunting New Home Process

Renting or buying whatever option you are looking as your new home despite of on going situations says the urgency for searching a new home is must may be you are transferring your job your rental lease is about to end whatever it is you know that you wanna search a suitable house for yourself but the problem is how to carry on this process in the era of social distancing. Realtors have widened their scope of business by harnessing technology factor. Here are some 5 factors From Packers and Movers Pune that one should add in the “old home Hunting process” for save searching in this pandemic.

Here are changes you should bring in your old ways of hunting home:-

Hire a informed and updated realtor:

Unless you are more connections in your area it's better to go for a realtor who can advise you on the current situations in your local area. If you’re hiring realtor then he should be aware from local laws and rules prevailing in that area and should have understanding how this will affect selling and buying process. Your realtor should be able to streamline the buying process for you so you don't have to worry for going through lots of paper work, showing, appraisals and inspections. Before you hire any realtor ask them these questions:

  • Do they know how to harness technology in showing process you can do video call on zoom or what's up app.
  • Are they able to and willing to take tour of real estate in place of you?
  • Are they following all safety measures regarding the Covid 19, like maintaining social distancing, washing hands and wearing gloves during visiting any site.

Packers and Movers Pune also giving facility of virtual home survey to assess the moving requirements of their customers.

Browse housing options online:

You don't have to go anywhere just grab your laptop or mobile phone and search online for housing options, these will give you wide range of options you can choose from before visiting realtor for conducting virtual home tour. Due to online real estate sites you can find varieties of option right on your phone. These listing not only have descriptions, photos but can show 3-d tour where buyer can navigate virtually through the house to see rooms and design.

#Local #Movers and #Packers in #Pune use PPE kit and keep in mind all the required measures during and before the move for the safety of their staff and customers.

Local Packers And Movers Pune

Will your realtor perform virtual walk through of the potential home?

With corona virus Precautions in place you may not be able walk the home with your realtor, if that’s the case then it's #best to ask your realtor will they give you live tour of the home. With a live virtual tour you can experience and see the home without having there in person. Unlike recorded tour you can ask hand to hand if you don't like something or unclear about something so if your realtor uses some specific app then ask before hand so to carry out the process with ease.

Explore the neighbour:

Before you move knowing the neighbour where you are going to live is must for your decision of selecting any property and is best known and assess by you, if in your area there is no restriction on moving then explore your neighbour while maintaining the social distancing. If walking by foot is not in option then go their by your car you can also stop at some general store and ask some questions to get some info about the area. Wanna move your luxurious car safely? Don’t worries get it done by professionals of Packers and Movers in Pune.

You may require some certificate:

In this current situation there may be case that seller won't allow you for a in house tour if the seller lives in that property, unless you are the realtor or their agent, so if you seriously wanna buy a house then get a realtor letter in written or get them on the phone. This will give seller some surety that the risk factor is low.

Before you move read some obligatory steps suggested by #Packers and #Movers for #moving in this pandemic. Some extra point's to keep in mind for a safe move.

  1. Also totally avoid taking free boxes for your #packing, you don't know who and how many people have touched its surface.
  2. Keep sanitizer at door, and wear mask, gloves and keep sanitizer during the move.
  3. After the move sanitize your boxes before you unpack them. You can take a spray bottle create a mixture of water and sanitizer and spray it on your moving boxes and even on the high touch surfaces like door bell, door knobs extra or add some sanitizer on wipe and wipe your things.
  4. If you are choosing any moving company don't forget to ask them about their mitigation strategy for team and customer, and most importantly what is your moving company legal status is that trustworthy or not.

Require insurance service for your goods you can talk to Packers and Movers too.

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